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15504 Allegheny
Edmond, OK 73013
Date Added: 03/17/2018 @ 12:17 AM CST
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This residents let their dog bark at all hours of the night over and over. We’ve been woken up so many nights and so many mornings by their door. Their dog is not even an outdoor dog, they just let their little dog out unattended, and it barks and disturbs the neighborhood. It wakes us up hundreds of feet away. They are constnatly having children’s parties and large gatherings in their backyard too, as well as play sessions. While I’m glad kids are playing outside, kids should not be so loud they can be heard 300+ FEET away INSIDE our house with double-pane glass windows. T heir children, like their dogs, are out of contro with the excessive noise. They have ruined the peace and quiet of this neighborhood, and now we want to move.
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Submitted on Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 12:17 AM [CST] by Anonymouse.

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