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5981 Davis pt road
Cayuga, NY 13034
Date Added: 01/08/2018 @ 06:57 PM CST
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Davis pt is a row of only 8 cottages so everybody is forced to hang out together and for the most part it's not a problem but the single woman who lives at 5981 (initials JD) is not a respectable woman and mooches from everyone. We are embarrassed to have guests for fear they'll encounter her and have to listen to her gutter mouth and bigotry and witness her shameless flirting with EVERY guy. She makes a fool of herself. We've tried to be patient with her but it's become too much. She pretends to appreciate our nice gestures but it's not genuine, she never returns the favor and just expects more and more. We end up buying her dinners, giving her boat rides, making repairs at her place and doing her chores, she just shows up for the fun and none of the work. We're forced to still include her in get togethers and outings because it's such close quarters and it'd be rude not to, but it's out of pity and obligation not friendship. There's one neighbor who refuses to even talk to her anymore. I wish we could get back to our peaceful relaxing lake life but that's not possible with her around causing strain between everyone.
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Submitted on Monday, January 8, 2018 at 06:57 PM [CST] By An Anonymous User.

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