About Honest Neighbor, LLC.

Honest Neighbor, LLC., a social community that enhances your neighbor relationships and experiences. You can now share your Neighbor Stories to allow others to find better neighbors, avoid bad neighbors and make better living decisions.

Honest Neighbor, LLC. was founded by Pablo Varando in 2009 to build a better solution to buying a home and to see what the neighborhood is really like before making the critical purchase decision. (Think of it like Carfax to Car Purchases; but for homes and neighbors instead!)

Join the Network:
Joining is easy. To get started, simply enter your first and last name and your email, then provide your home address so we can find your neighbors! That’s it!

Good and Bad Neighbors:
We all have at least one of each. Share your stories about them and help others make better living decisions!

Our Board of Advisors:

Pablo Varando:
In the internet development arena since 1996, Pablo has worked key roles on multiple large projects for companies of all sizes. From small Mom & Pop shops to large fortune 100 companies such as Wynn Las Vegas, Yahoo.Com, Progressive Insurance and many others. An expert in many web technologies and in social media, Pablo desired to create a new social network that would better our physical life and not just our digital life. He wanted to create a system that would allow individuals to give honest (anonymous) ratings and reviews of their neighbors so that it could improve the community around them!  

How to contact us

Corporate Office:
35 Water St (Suite 2)
Fredonia, NY 14063
Phone: (716) 413-2559
Email: support@honestneighbor.com

Mailing Address:
35 Water St
Suite 2
Fredonia, NY 14063

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