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What is HonestNeighbor.Com?
HonestNeighbor.Com is a social network that will better your physical life and not just your digital life. The idea behind the website is simple; you can post good and bad reviews of your neighbors so others can make better decisions when moving to your neighborhood. At the same time it will enable individuals in the neighborhood to see how you feel about them and for them to improve on some qualities they lack to become better neighbors. If you've ever purchased a vehicle and used CarFax in the decision making process; think of HonestNeighbor.Com as the same thing for your next home purchase decision!
Can I post anything I want?
You can post anything that you feel is needed to be said in your review; we just have a few guidelines that we ask that you follow to ensure that this service is appropriate and accurate for all of our users.
  1. No Profanity - Please keep your posts clean to ensure that others will not be insulted. We know that sometimes neighbors do some things that make you angry; however by keeping your post clean you will ensure that (a) your post isn't removed and (b) that others will really get your frustration with your neighbor.
  2. No Personal Information - Please do not include your neighbors name, email, phone number or anything else that identifies them directly. There might be legal implications by doing this that might get you in trouble directly for saying it. So please keep it legit and honest.
  3. Last, Please Be Honest - If your neighrbor does something that made you mad or made you happy; post it but don't make it up just to make them look good or bad. The entire purpose of this site is to find real (good) and (bad) neighbors and to make them shine!
That's pretty much it... have fun and help make your neighborhood a better place!
How do I remove something posted about me?
First and foremost, keep in mind that we do everything we possibly can to ensure that posts are clean and accurate. But on occasion that might be some that slip through that you might not want posted on the website. We provide you with two methods to respond or remove these posts.
  1. Sign up for a user account by going to our registration page.
  2. Once you have created and verified your account, you have two options to verify that you really live at the address you are trying to moderate.:
    • Document Verification - To verify that you really live at the address you are trying to maintain, you will need to upload a government issued photo ID and a utility bill with your home address listed. Once the documents are uploaded; our verification team will review them to ensure your identity. Upon approval you will be notified that you can begin moderating the reviews posted for the address verified.
    • Instant Verification - To get instant verification and access to the reviews, you can process a non-refundable payment of $1.00 (to verify your billing home address) and if the process is successful and authorized you can begin moderating your reviews instantly.
Once you have validated your home address, you can either respond to the post and leave it public or you can completely remove it from the website. If you have questions or need more help you can always contact our customer support team.
How can I help spread the word about the website?
First of all thank you for helping make the site better and for wanting to spread the word. The easiest way is to post it on your Twitter or Facebook account. Let others know about the system and ask that they post something about their neighbors (good or bad).
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    Federal way, WA 98003
    "This neighbor is very polite. They have never complained about anything. They are a joy to live by. The property is very well kept and clean.... read full review...."
  2. 414 N 2nd st
    West newton, PA 15089
    "These people let their kids play on this busy road. They're always yelling at traffic to slow down. They have vehicles all over the place. The silver Kia has almost hit me several times because they refuse to stop at the stop sign down the street. Driving past their house is the worst part of my... read full review..."
  3. 7241 East Sunny Vale Drive
    Columbia, MO 65201
    "This man might be possessed. He definitely has a mental imbalance. He hates children and babies and will aggressively announce it. He regularly terrorizes us by banging on the walls and ceiling (our floor) at night and at the wee hours of the morning. DO NOT move to this building if you have... read full review..."
  4. 5981 Davis pt road
    Cayuga, NY 13034
    "Davis pt is a row of only 8 cottages so everybody is forced to hang out together and for the most part it's not a problem but the single woman who lives at 5981 (initials JD) is not a respectable woman and mooches from everyone. We are embarrassed to have guests for fear they'll encounter her and... read full review..."

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